Ele N Dragons

4.7 ( 9247 ratings )
ゲーム アクション アドベンチャー
開発者 Ayan Pratap

Can Elephant Ele and her calf Bobu beat fire breathing dragon Zushkin in a duel?

Mama Ele and her calf Bobu were going on their daily walk when Dragon Zushkin arrived in the city and threatened to burn it down.
Ele challenges Zushkin for a duel outside the city.

- Tap to jump
- Tap again to shoot
- Destroy Zushkins fireballs

Projectiles pack and remove Banner Ads available as In App Purchase that includes
- Coconut
- Pineapple
- Grenade
- Helicopter
- Armored Vehicle (unlocks at Best Ever Score 75). This is the biggest projectile in the arsenal.

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